We are a diverse collective of imperfect humans that are loved more deeply than we can fathom. We believe that God wants to transform and heal our hearts to experience deep freedom and relationship with him. Because he made a way, this is who we are:


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We love being loved by Jesus. 

We believe that the best thing we can do is to become skilled at receiving from Jesus.

We are a ‘multi’ church. 

That simply means we are not all the same. We are multi-ethnic. Multi-income. Multi-age. Multi-political. In a sense,  in every way the broken world divides, we believe Jesus wants to bring us together.

We are curious. 

We are curious about what God is up to among us. So curious that we chase after Him. We are curious about each other. So curious that we pursue relationships with those who are different from us. We are curious about this amazing world He made. So curious that we are deeply passionate about growing in our unique vocations. We believe curiosity is fundamental to learning and growing. What God is doing is far too amazing to not live curious!



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We believe deeply. 

When our opinion diverges with God’s, we go with Him 10 times out of 10. That does not mean we are perfect. Far from it! It just means we seek to take Him at His word even when it doesn’t fully make sense to us.

We are hospitable. 

We believe every human being is uniquely and magnificently made by God. In light of that, we extend honor to every single person because we are all bearers of His glorious Image.

We are missional. 

We believe that whatever God gives to us and does in us is not meant to be hoarded by us. We are the ‘thru whom’ people. He longs to bless others through us. It is our joy to pursue that call creatively, courageously, and sacrificially.